The mountain Sněžka which altitude of 1603 m has been after a new measurement recently discovered is the highest mountain both in the Krkonoše Mountains and in the whole Czech Republic. It is situated in the area of the Hraniční  hřeben (Border ridge) in the east of the Krkonoše Mountains. On its summit there is the Czech-Polish border. On the northern, Polish side, there are precipices which fall into the valley of Lomnička and on the southern, Czech side, the precipices fall into the Obří důl (Giant dale). In the west the slopes go down to the peat of the river Úpa and in the east they sink into the Obří hřbet (Giant ridge).

The bare summit measures 30 acres. Thanks to its height you can enjoy here a panoramic outlook in the broad scenery not only of the Czech Republic but of the Polish one too. The average temperature is about 0,2 ºC here. On the mountain Sněžka there were constructed some buildings, e.g. Polská bouda (Polish valet) where there is the meteorological station as well as the final stop of the cableway from the  town Pec pod Sněžkou or the high chapel of the  Saint Lawrence. Among the curiosities belongs the so called Česká poštovna (Czech post office) which is the only post office in the whole republic placed in such a height.

The mountain Sněžka is very popular among the tourists especially because of the excellent outlook from it. To reach it you can use tourist, bicycle or running tracks.  The town Pec pod Sněžkou is often chosen as the starting point. There is situated the cable way there leading to the summit of the mountain Sněžka. From Sněžka you can arrive with the help of a tourist track to the Luční bouda (Meadow chalet), to Špindelrův Mlýn, to Pec pod Sněžkou or to Horní Malá Úpa.



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