Do you think you will get bored? We can promise you that it is not our case. Apart from the first- rate ski school there are many remarkable beautiful places in our neighbourhood. Malá Úpa/Small Úpa is a very nice place, really a jewel in the Krkonoše Mountains (in English: Giant Mountains). You may be sure that in the winter there will be snow and in the summer the present air will have a very positive influence on your health. Malá Úpa is a quiet place with no great noise around you. Simply enjoy it here! What places in Malá Úpa can be then of your interest? 

The treetop walkway in Janské Lázně is the highest, the longest and the most unique of all the walkways in Czechia. We highly recommend its visit.

The fairy tale walkway - visit together with your children the Fairy tale walkway with a number of climbing frames and children playgrounds. The fairy tales have been translated for foreign tourists into three foreign languages – German, Polish and English. The fairy tales you will meet are taken out from the book Fairy tales from the Krkonoše Mountains. After conquering the walkway the children will be awarded ,,Maloúpský pohádkový groš´´ (“A Malá Úpa fairy tale penny”).


Sněžka - there is no need to mention any details about it. In Malá Úpa you can conquer the highest mountain of the Czech Republic and of Malá Úpa too.

The nature reserve Úpská rašelina (The Úpa peat) which is the largest summit peat in the Krkonoše Mountains belongs to other positive signs of Malá Úpa. From the plants growing here we can find e.g. rubus chamaemorus L.

Malá Úpa is also situated directly on the border of our republic. We can say that Malá Úpa is a gate to Poland. Thus you can study not only a part of Czechia but also that one of Poland. To neighbouring Polish towns you can get on summer cyclobuses.

In Malá Úpa you can also find an electric bike rental. With an electric bike you can go through the countryside, find all hidden recesses and travel up to 100 km.

Regarding the accommodation you can also use the Bowling Malá Úpa where apart from the accommodation and entertainment you will be offered a non-traditional relaxation in outdoor bathing barrels. Each barrel can accommodate up to 5 people and thus when relaxing you can enjoy pleasant society of other people. .

The Ski resort Malá Úpa – SKIMU (here you can get really detailed information operates two areas :

Horní/Upper Malá Úpa: Area „Pomezky“    

Dolní/Lower Malá Úpa: Area „U Kostela“

The ski-bus operates between the two areas according to the time schedule.

koupací sudy

For cross-country skiers there is an entrance to the Krkonoše main highway in front of our pension and there you will find several options for your cross-country skiing in Malá Úpa.

The SKIM point ski-passes are newly valid also in the whole SkiResort Černá Hora – Pec.

Bobsleigh track - Pec pod Sněžkou

You are invited for a beer by mountain dwellers from Malá Úpa in the Trautenberk Brewery.

Or you can enjoy a relax time in the bathing barrels.


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